DIY Aye! 2010

5 04 2010

We’re back!

Yep, for the 1st and 2nd of May DIY Aye will return to the Star and Shadow bringing you more workshops, discussions, films, music and more on anarchist and DIY culture.

Plus! zine stalls, diy haircutting salon, book stalls, radical library, free shop and more!

A rough timetable is currently being drawn up so keep checking back for more info!


Radical Festival For Newcastle? Why Aye!

31 01 2009

Come and celebrate with us that age old anarchist ethos of ‘do it yourself!’. We live in a world in which companies pre-package and manufacture every aspect of our lives….our food, our ‘popular’ music, our politics. We’re told to no longer be active participants in this thing called life, but rather passive observers. This is a chance to say fuck off to that!


Come and learn how to bind books, how to screenprint, how to make your own zine, your own bread, hell, even how to make your own dildo!

Come and discuss alternative ways of living, of exploring radical new notions behind class, gender, ecology and more. Come and learn or teach about what happened at Rostock, at the G20 and what we need to do to continue the fight against capitalism.

Come and see some art, make some art! Come listen to some music, make some music! Come watch films, or bring a camera and we can make films together!

Bring your mixtapes for a mixtape/cd exchange. Swap stuff you dont need at the freeshop. Discover the joys of food skipping. Discover the liberation of squatting. Discover lots! And have fun!